The evil f-word

Dear fellow internet users,

of course we’re well aware of the double sidedness of using facebook. It goes without saying that data safety is the main issue here. Nobody knows what happens with our data on facebook, whom they are forwarded to or who can read along. An example of what happens when the police ask facebook to provide information about its users can be found under the following link:

It can certainly be tough to pick one’s way through the jungle of submenus and small print. Terms and policies, account and privacy settings want to be taken into account. It is vital that you read on, pay attention and continue on the everlasting quest of finding the right security settings. The following link will take you to a detailed manual on facebook security:

Despite its highly questionable policy on data security and freedom of information we decided on using facebook as an information platform. Why? Because time and again we notice that most of you are already there anyway. And for us facebook is a possibility to spread news easily and fast, to connect and communicate with other people, being also a platform for us as a company of course. Furthermore it’s also an easy and fast way for you to communicate with us.

However you should always be mindful of the fairly high price you pay for using the popular social network. Facebook “knows” whom you talk to, which things you click on, what you look at, which videos, pictures, texts, links and postings you like. If you are logged in facebook even knows which homepages you’re visiting – which is also the case when you visit our site, because we have a facebook plugin, too.
What proved to be quite practical for us is a Firefox add-on called Multifox. It allows you to relegate facebook into an extra window, thus preventing it from monitoring your other web activities.
So you should get clear about whether or not you want to confide half your life to this company without knowing what happens with your data. What is for sure is that you can always contact us via email (pgp-key available) or phone without any problem.