This week your order supports the movement against factory farms

Until 26th of February we'll donate 10 % of your order volume to 'Mastanlagen Widerstand' who fight against factory farms in South Germany

About one year ago, after a call to action by Mastanlagen Widerstand, we gave 500 € to a solidarity convoy with people who supported refugees in the balcans. Now we think it’s time to support the alliance itself! We’ll donate 10 % of your order volume from February 23rd until 26th. Plus: You’ll save 5 %*! We believe it’s a great group and we hope to raise some money for them!

Mastanlagen Widerstand block the entrance to a slaughterhouse
Two eople blocking the entrance to a slaughterhouse
Soliconvoy kitchen
Refugees in lesbos
People build a Tripod

Pictures from Mastanlagen Widerstand

*apart from gift vouchers, German literature, animal food, coffee and everything from the Hard-To-Port- and ARIWA-shops