Tomorrow we are going to move!

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY of our move. We are looking forward to it, but still we are nervous, too! Although it was planned that every work in our new rooms was done until the end of January, we found people still working there. Maybe until mid-March. But at least we can use the storage room, and our office will be ready to move into. Tomorrow we’ll find out.

storage room with ladder, tools and table
Our storage room- work in progress.
office 1, still cables hanging from the wall.
cable tangle - the room for our plenum
Damp walls without wallpaper and paint
Damp walls in our office
cable tangle above the fuse box
Will they finish their work in time?
Basement, no paint at all
This wall is still without paint and they want to paint it next (!!) week.

Of course our landlord didn’t bother to inform us that there are still damp walls and that the painting of the basement is planned not until next week. Keep your fingers crossed for us!