Support the Antitierbenutzungshof!

From May 16th until June 10th there are going to be building weeks at the Antitierbenutzungshof. People who have got the time to help during this period are badly needed. Everybody will be able to help: carrying stuff, cooking, feeding the other animals at the farm. It would be great as well if there were people with technical skills as well!

The Antitierbenutzungshof (which means: no animals shall be used/exploited at this site) was founded in the beginning of 2008 by Daniel and Iris. They wanted to give themselves and all the other non-human animals they had saved from the slaughterhouse or really bad living conditions a new home. That means a lot of work, and help is always needed. So make use of your time in order to help, to meet nice people and to develop new perspectives on how the liberation of all animals can be achieved …

All helping hands can expect to find vegan catering, solar shower, compost toilets and programme while chilling out in the evenings.

Here you can find the homepage of the “Antitierbenutzungshof” (german).

If you do not have the time to be there in May or June, but you still want to help: check out this page (german). You can go there and help, send money or other useful stuff.