Vegan Barbecue Specials – summer is coming!!

Yesterday morning, half past six: it was warm enough to ride your bike in Münster without wearing a sweater or a jacket. So we think: it’s time to start the barbecue season! Let your town air get a nice vegan barbecue smell! For this end we have two special offers for you (three for those living in Münster, but we expect that you are living too far away. You’d just get jealous):

Look at the Maxi Barbecue Special

This is the Maxi-Barbecue-Special for your giant grill or your giant hunger. It contains Soy Medaillons, Soy Big Steaks, Franconian Sausages, Smoked Pepper and “Barbecue Magic” Mixed Spices. Get it here!


For the smaller budget we have our Low Budget Barbecue Special with soy madaillons and mixed spices. And honestly: soy medaillons and mixed spices is definitely enough for a real nice barbecue!! You can order it right here! Bon appetit.