Vegan food for the animal sanctuary “Land der Tiere”

a cat and a dog from the animal sanctuary 'Land der Tiere'

Klaus lives on the animal sanctuary Land der Tiere. He likes to eat Ami Cat when he’s too lazy to catch his food. But it’s not only Klaus who likes Ami Cat. His friends like it ,too. And when he doesn’t pay attention, the foxes and martens like it, too.
Muli and Nica are a little bit bigger than Klaus. That’s why they need a lot of yummy vegan food! Ami Dog, V-Dog, Benevo – they don’t care. They inhale it faster than their shadows.

This week everyone who orders can help to create a (hopefully) huge delivery of vegan animal food to the Land der Tiere. In our shop you’ll find a selection of food that is needed on the Land der Tiere. We’ll give you 15 % discount on each of these products and we’ll organise the delivery, of course.
Just put it into your shopping bag, pay for everything – and we’ll send you the rest that’s not meant for the animal sanctuary. We hope it is as easy for you as it sound to us! ­čÖé