What’s new during the last 2 months?

Liberate Longsleeves and new bags

Liberate! Longsleeves New bags with vegan flower - beige or green!

For the very first time we carry longsleeves in our shop! Eco-friendly and fair trade as always, printed by the collective »fairdruckt« in Münster. Liberate!
Besides the new clothing, there is also a new bag design. Our version of the vegan flower is available on nature-coloured and green bags. These bags were also printed by »fairdruckt«.

New patches

New patches: Riots Not Diets und Life in zoos


Solidarity Button

These times are not the best, especially for refugees. But finally, it’s getting worse for everyone. Right-wing groups are growing, neighbourhood watch groups are formed … So it’s becoming even more important to support refugees and fight fascism!
We support local anti-racist work with the revenue from these new Refugees Welcome Buttons, as well with all the other products with this design.

Stainless steel cap for Klean Kanteen bottles

Klean Kanteen stainless steel cap

Evolution of Revolution by Hartmut Kiewert

Postcard “Evolution of Revolution”

Maybe you have already seen this image on a poster – now it is also available as a postcard



Let them talk! What genitals have to say about gender!Animal Liberation Front Supporters Group Newsletter


Collectively produced groceries

For one thing there are new coffee variants by the collective Aroma Zapatista! Café Minga is made from beans which are grown by cooperatives in Columbia. A part of the revenue is used to support their self-government. The production of the Espresso Preguntando Caminamos is even more interesting: the roasting takes place in a roast house in Hamburg which is run by a collective. If this isn’t awesome, we don’t know what is.
For another thing, the olive oil for the gear of the movement is new on our shelves. With this oil the farmers get a better price for their products, the remaining profit flows into projects in favor of subversive activities.

Neue Kaffeesorten von Aroma Zapatista, aus Kolumbien. Und eine neue Sorte, die von einem Röstkollektiv in Hamburg geröstet wird. So schmeckt Solidarität!Öl für das Getriebe der Bewegung - fair und kollektiv produziert


This was new in the last couple of months: