What’s new in September?

There have been a lot of additions to our little shop in the past weeks, for example some benefit clothing and the first ever eco-fair gym bag.

Refugees Welcome

Maria and Sania are sitting on a bench wearing the new Refugees Welcome clothes


There are so many reasons for people to leave their country. But the journey is dangerous, Europe is building higher and higher fences and the flight is getting more risky, troublesome and expensive. On the one hand there is so much solidarity at the moment; on the other hand there are people whose welcome sounds rather reserved. And yet again there are plans to toughen the asylum law. Hence we also want to stress in our assortment: Refugees welcome! For every corresponding item sold until September 30th, we’re donating 5 respectively 8 Euros to Teachers on the Road, after that to a local refugees-initiative.

That's how it looks like when you wear the new animal rights gymbag

Stating the obvious here, we want to emphasize that it’s great if you buy these items and support our campaign if you need new clothes anyway. If not: Don’t go the long way round, donate directly, help directly.

Paw Fist Star Gymbag

It’s no secret that all vegans are hipsters. So are we. After months of fruitless searching we found it: A gym bag that’s organic and fair-trade! We printed the well-known paw-fist-star design by Katharina Roth on it.

Action stickers

Picture with our new action stickers about animal suffering, anarchism, feminism and anti-fascism.


animal liberation benefit calendar 2016

Calendar and Literature

2016 is casting a long shadow and we included the first calendar in our shop. Profits for this fancy animal liberation wall calendar are going to the legal assistance of the German organization die tierbefreier e. V.
Moreover the new ALF Supporters Group Newsletter is here, featuring information about activists in prison, an overview of actions worldwide and more articles about the animal liberation movement.

News of the last months … :


3 thoughts on “What’s new in September?”

  1. As a non religious former Muslim, I can tell you that some of the worst people who treat animals HORRIBLY are the invading young men in Europe.
    They are the wrong people to champion here.
    Don’t be no naive !!!

    1. We champion no one, but we welcome refugees. Everyone should be free to live where they want. Welcoming people doesn’t mean to believe that they’re saints. No, they’re humans – many are nice people, many I might dislike for several reasons.
      Have you ever been to a slaughterhouse in Germany? I don’t understand why you feel threatened by people coming here doing the same as others already living here.
      If we want to stop the killing, we should stop the killing – and not migration.

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