What’s new?

Nothing much, really. In the last 6 weeks we’ve been pretty busy with countless orders during Christmas time and as well as doing inventory at the turn of the year.
However, a few new things we have. Such as:

Maximum Tolerated Dose

Maximum Tolerated Dose is a worthwhile documentary, eminently suitable to be screened in your community but sadly without English subtitles). Featuring archival footage and further recherches and interviews regarding animal testing, the film shows human and non-human animals who have been involved in animal testing. Honest interviews with scientists and lab assistants, whose ideals made them take another path. On the other hand gripping stories about animals who have experienced both sides of a cage.

Animal Minds and Animal EthicsAnimal minds & animal ethics

Compared to other books in our store, this one’s quite expensive. But we think the exploration of the connection between animal philosophy and animal ethics put forward here makes it worth its price. And your reading time.


Abbildung einer Packung Zitronengrastee von Aroma ZapatistaOur collection of Hanfu spreads has an addition to the family. HanFu Wild Berry-Woodruff is not as hearty as the others but at least as tasty!
Fans of rustic smoky flavors will be delighted when they have a taste of our new Liquid Hickory Smoke, perfect for marinades, barbecue sauces and seitan world domination!
For all of you who try to cut down on their sugar intake, we have Xylitol, a sugar alternative extracted from plant fibres which is actually good for your teeth, has very few calories and in our opinion tastes much better than stevia.
Last but not least we try to support the Aroma Zapatista collective even more by adding their delicious Lemon Grass Tea to out shop. This tasty beverage is produced by the Mexican cooperatives Yachil Xojobal Chulchán who grow, dry and cut it.