World Vegan Day

Another year has passed. And again, we want to celebrate the World Vegan Day on November 1st with you by giving you a discount on our range. But we were tired of just giving you XYZ % off without any challenge for you. So we want to try this one:

If you enter the voucher code weltvegantag when placing your order then you’ll get a discount of 5 % on all orders placed in our online shop on November, 1st (CET). You don’t have to do anything else. Great, isn’t it?
But boring.

So here’s your other option: You can get a 15 % discount if you manage to solve our riddle. Here we go: Browse through our online shop on November, 1st. You will find letters in the product images (Don’t worry, only in the preview images) that will give you the solution word. Of course, you need to find out the right order therefore. In fact, the solution word consists of two words that are to be written together as the discount code in the shopping cart section. If you are right, you will get the discount of 15 % (only on November, 1st (CET)!). Quick tip in the end: the solution is about what we’re fighting for … Good luck!

Notice that you cannot combine these two coupon codes or any other codes with each other.

Also, there’s no discount on german books and magazines, gift vouchers, dog and cat food and SALE items. Sorry!