World Vegan Week!

High Five! This week you can save 5 % on your order + make us donate 5 % of your order value to an an organisation/initiative of your choice!

The roots of compassion collective wishes you a delightful world vegan day tomorrow!
Today we already start with our “High Five” celebration week.
But please don’t expect extremely huge discounts or some such thing – we don’t feel like doing that. But we put some thoughts into that and love our offer even more! 😉 Just continue reading …

First of all the good news for you: You’ll get 5 % off everything (except for German literature, animal food, gift vouchers and everything from the Hard To Port- and the ARIWA-Shop) from October 31st until November 6th. So you can still save some money. 😉
Plus: we’ll donate 5 % of your order’s total to one of the five organizations mentioned above (and below). During this year we’ve already presented & supported these organizations but we’d like to draw your attention to their work again.

And that’s how it works: the 5 % discount is deducted automatically. Additionally, we donate 5 % of your order’s total to one of these organizations. Therefore, please add one of the free linked “products” with the name of an organization to your shopping cart, order & pay.
And these are the organisations: Animal Climate Action, an alliance of animal rights and ecology groups, the animal sanctuary Erdlingshof, the support for Sven & Natasha who face extradition to the UK because of actions against HLS, the German animal rights organization ARIWA and Hard To Port who fight whaling in Iceland and elsewhere.

Happy world vegan day!