15 % off ethletic shoes!

15 % discount on ethletic shoes until 26nd of September. Here you can see the beautiful Fair Flips

For the next two weeks you can help us clear our shelves! We still have plenty of flip flops and summer shoes from Ethletic in our warehouse and we’d like to have them on your feet instead of standing on our shelves.

Aphro-Ism, vegan spreads and other stuff

Food for Thought

Maybe you’ve already discovered the blog Black Vegans Rock? It was started by Aph Ko, who has now written the book Aphro-Ism together with her sister Syl Ko. In this book you’ll find a lively, asccessible and provocative collection of essays on Pop Culture, Feminism, and Black Veganism. The two sisters provide new theoretical frameworks on race, advocacy for nonhuman animals, and feminism. Using popular culture as a point of reference for their critiques, they engage in groundbreaking analysis of the compartmentalized nature of contemporary social movements, present new ways of understanding interconnected oppressions, and offer conceptual ways of moving forward expressive of Afrofuturism and black veganism.

Food for bellies

Soymilk powder

We’ve also added some stuff to our food range which might comfort your bellies. First of all, there are two new spreads by Sieben Linden Feinkost: Rocket Mustard Chili and
Spicy Parsnip. Yummy!
And second of all, there is something which might seem a bit strange to some of you: Soymilk Powder. But if you’ve ever travelled with your backpack or with your bike you might have an idea of what we’re talking about. It’s so annoying to carry a liter bottle of soymilk if you can have 100 g of this white powder instead!

More stuff

What else? We have bigger tubes of black Allstar Gum and bigger vegan condoms (supermax), too. That’s it 🙂

6 % discount on B12 in September!

VEG1, Jarrow Methyl B12 and B12-toothpaste - 6 % off all these items in September!

Sleeveless shirts, beachbody bags, vegan nougat cream, posters by Hartmut Kiewert …

New sleeveless shirts!

Daniel and Julia at the Muenster canal with the new sleeveless Freedom-Shirts

Deni and Daniel wearing the new light green tanktop with the cow asking: 'Wait, you eat whaaat???'

Every Body Is A Beachbody

the new tote bag 'Every body is a beachbody' at the beach

the new gymbag 'Every body is a beachbody' at the beach in Germany

Now on Blu-Ray!

Die Bucht


New posters by Hartmut Kiewert

Picture from Hartmut Kiewert: two children feeding pigs with apples

Picture from Hartmut Kiewert: Inside a Mall: People are shopping, but there are also cows, goats and birds in the mall

Picture from Hartmut Kiewert: Picnic with humans, pigs, cows and chicken

Picture from Hartmut Kiewert: Picnix next to a street, with humans and non-human animals together

Picture from Hartmut Kiewert: A sow is feeding her children in the woods next to a slaugtherhouse ruin.

We hope that you’ve read about the new art book Animal Utopia by the artist Hartmut Kiewert by now that we’re going to publish through our publishing house compasssion media in October. In both cases, here are some pictures by the artist that will be feautured in the book and are now also available on A2 posters in our shop.

Picture from Hartmut Kiewert: Calf


We’ve been waiting desperately for the new book “Captive”by Jo-Anne McArthur. Her photographs are quite impressive but also sad. Watch the video for a first impression and support the amazing work by Jo-Anne McArthur.

More reading matter

The new Animal Liberation Front Supporters Group Newsletter

The new Growing Green Magazins

If you’re into veganic growing and permaculture, the Growing Green Magazin is worth reading! Though it’s not too profound in terms of content it does offer a good overview about things that are happening and further reading.


We also have new stuff from Vio.Me, a collective from Thessaloniki in Greece, such as vegan washing powder made of ground white olive oil based soap. Using the powder you can easily make your own liquid soap or liquid laundry detergent, add any flavour you prefer and so on! You see where this is going, right? Another novelty is the glass cleaner which comes as a refill bottle.

Nougat cream!!!

Hell yeah, this is real. We’ve been looking for a choocolate spread that is vegan, organic, fairtrade AND free from palm oil and finally we found it. Not one, not two, but three! And they are delicious!


And last but not least something savory for everyone who’s not that much into sweets. The crackers in our shop are now made of spelt flour. You can choose between three flavors: olives, sundried tomatoes and rosmarin.

Only 1.50 € for patches in August, and save 15 % on belts this week!

This month you should have a look at our accessories:

Save 0.3 € on all the patches in our shop in August!

Here you can see a studded belt - but what's more important: you can save 15 % on any belt until Sunday 20th!

40 % off our SALE items!

Help us clear our shelves! Now 40 % off everything on SALE!

10 % discount on shoes

Until sunday we offer you 10 % discount on shoes!

Get 10 % off your new shoes until Sunday, 16th of July! Nice sneakers and flip flops from Ethletic, shoes and boots from Vegetarian Shoes, and walking shoes from Ethical Wares! Maybe walking shoes are the last missing piece for a perfect summer holiday?

Shoot Photos, Not Animals!

Simon and Denise wearing the new black hoodie with'Shoot Photos not Animals' imprint. They stand next to a field and are staring into the distance